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Nam Baldwin

Director of Peak Performance

Nam is an emotional and stress control & management specialist, the co-developer of internationally recognised B.E.T Training, mentor and motivational life, health & peak performance coach. Over his career he has trained Olympic Gold Medallists & several world champions, including Mick Fanning – 2007, 2009 & 2013 World Surfing Champion.

Nam is not only a much sought after performance coach for elite athletes across numerous disciplines, but is also the well-kept secret of many ‘top one percenters’ in the business world. His gift of simplifying the complicated science behind brain and body performance, & delivering it in lifechanging, digestible sessions, creates proven successes and powerful outcomes across all scenarios. Nam’s extensive knowledge and life stories bring a true authenticity to his work, and whether his audience is high end achievers or every day people he is always able to connect with & educate them on their own level.

  • Lifelong Dedication

    With over 20 years experience in the health, fitness & wellbeing industries worldwide, Nam is a highly qualified specialist in emotional and physiological intelligence & peak performance, and has developed multiple programs exploring success under extreme pressure in both the emotional and physical realms.

  • Internationally Recognised

    Nam’s experience with World Champions, Olympic Gold Medallists, Elite Teams and Business Groups has seen him receive many accolades in the field of exercise science, psychology, emotional intelligence and applied kinesiology. 2018 has seen Nam begin his role as the Elite Performance Specialist for Surfing Australia’s Olympic Campaign heading towards the 2020 games in Japan

  • Elite Clientele

    Nam’s involvement & experience with elite athletes & businesses has given him a great depth of knowledge & the skill to help other clientele reach their potential. Nam’s elite clientele include current World Surfing Champions Mick Fanning & Stephanie Gilmore, the Australian Olympic K4 Kayak Gold Medallist Team, 2 x World Champion Snowboarder Alex ‘Chumpy’ Pullin, Australia’s leading Big Wave Riders and a number of highly successful Corporate Businesses. Nam says “The goal when working with groups, teams or individuals is to allow them to experience progress and a dynamic emotional shift in their first session, which then drives them to seek further success”.

  • Motivating and Inspiring

    Nam’s gift lies in breaking down complicated, scientific data and psychology into relatable & motivating education, each client gaining a wealth of applicable knowledge. With a thirst to find what truly works & the best ways to achieve goals, Nam is constantly raising his own standards in goal achievement whilst finding the best way for others to do the same. In 2013, Nam opened up his life’s work to the community, and began running short courses on successful personal development in today’s challenging environment. These eye-opening, sell-out courses provide insight and methods usually reserved for high performers and elite achievers, enabling people from all walks of life to start enjoying a happier, healthier and truly fulfilling lifestyle.

Devon Baskerville


Devon (Devo) is the perfect complement to Nam and together they form a formidable, elite team. As a specialist in personal development, nutrition, physical fitness & technique, Devo has trained and mentored some of the most extraordinary people over her fifteen year career. Devo is truly vibrant, dedicated to inspiring others through health, vitality and fitness. Her energy and passion for living a high quality life extends into every aspect of her work, her hobbies and her relationships. She is highly motivated in her beloved profession, which she has combined with her passions to create the ultimate fulfilling lifestyle, with which she leads others by true example: “Most of the time I find that clients initially come to me to change their bodies, however they are actually interested in improving much more than just their physical self. It’s very rewarding to be able to assist others in the transformations of both the body & the mind. I hope to be remembered as someone who helped others step forward in the right direction.”

  • Dedicated

    One of the most well-known and inspirational skills that Devo has is her dedication to discipline. She mentors other on the importance of excellent technique, absolute commitment and fine-tuned balance to achieve optimal success at that ‘next level’.

  • Inspiring Leadership

    Devon teaches everything from a place of understanding. She is living proof of the success of her own methods and teachings, and continues to train, develop & inspire people from all walks of life with her passion, integrity and enviable skillset.

  • Experienced Expert

    Having excelled in many sports at a serious level including cycling, kung fu, body building, and now turning her attentions to surfing, Devo is experienced in the development of mind and body as one. She readily shares her secrets for forming successful habits and pathways to peak performance.

  • Balanced Perfectionist

    As every single client and friend of Devo will tell you, she has mastered the art of striving for perfection whilst remaining balanced and in harmony in everything she does. Devon understands it’s that extra 1% that will be the difference between good and great, and continually raises the bar for herself, her students and her wider network.



  • testimonial---SURFING-AUSTRALIAANDREW STARK – CEO Surfing, Australia

    CORPORATE TRAINING: “Nam is an inspirational speaker and presenter who delivers professional and personal development through real life experiences to his audience. Nam is highly respected and is seen as a truly talented communicator who challenges people to perform better in all areas of their life."

  • testimonial---ANONYMOUSTIM BUCKLEY

    EPIC COURSE: "Sometimes you come across moments that really change the way you look at life; this course is many of those moments, in EPIC proportions. Nam has an ability to teach and connect in a unique and extremely effective way. His authentic dedication to passing on the knowledge he has gained is invaluable. The course has improved my life in many aspects including relationships, confidence, awareness, clarity and provided me with simple tools to take forward to continue my growth and fulfilment. I feel really fortunate to have been exposed to this knowledge and I absolutely recommend this course to everyone."

  • testimonial---JOE-WALSHJOE WALSH – PRINCIPAL, JWA Business and Wealth

    1:1 PERFORMANCE COACHING: "I'd like to thank you for the work you have done with the team and specifically me over the last 3 years. At a personal level my focus hasn't been sharper on the end game. This has come about through the personal physical training, personal mind training and personal education around nutrition. It's the holistic approach that you specialize in at a personal level that attributes to my success at a business and corporate level.
    With regard to the training program for my leadership team I have seen a significant shift in attitude, performance and interestingly competitiveness. This dynamic now flows through to each of their teams and it would be fair to say that the whole company has shifted up to a higher level. Your team workshop on general health and more specifically nutrition, exercise, the mind and goal setting increased the level of awareness and importance of these topics in the work environment.
    Your material is now commonly used in our office and the general use of the language is heard in conversations regularly. Thanks so much for entering my life and i look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship into the future."

  • tim gurnerTIM GURNER – FOUNDER, Gurner

    CORPORATE TRAINING: "I first met Nam in Byron Bay over 4 years ago at a group event. I was instantly impressed with his passion and enthusiasm for bringing out the best of people and businesses without all the fuss and nonsense you sometimes otherwise get.

    Within a few weeks I was doing monthly personal sessions with Nam targeted at physical, mental and emotional health and stability and training and nutrition.  When Nam gave me things to do they were things that were things that ‘would fix me within weeks’ as he would always say and not long shot wishes and he was always right as they always did have a significant impact.

    Nam has helped me through some of the toughest challenges my business has ever had and kept me sane, strong and enthusiastic when most people thought I would throw in the towel.  He was always by my side just sending the odd text message or call to ‘check in’ to see how I was and its those small points that make all the difference just to keep you on track and on plan.

    I have since also had Nam heavily involved in my business with multiple sessions with my staff.  My team are young and very enthusiastic but need discipline and structure and tricks to help them deal with stress.  Nam was able to come in and make them all feel so connected together and also with him and every single time we have had him as part of our team for a day the next few weeks are always our most efficient.  My team could not be more positive and responsive to Nam and although we have tried other facilitators and coaches no one has ever connected with our team like Nam has.

    Nam is a true gentleman, professional, personable with all different types from A Type personalities to the quietest people in the office, motivational, persuasive, without question the best in the business and he just makes me want to be a better person every day."

  • testimonial---MICK-FANNINGMICK FANNING, 2013, 2009 & 2007 World Surfing Champion

    A life changing experience

    BREATH ENHANCEMENT TRAINING: “Doing the Breath Enhancement Training really opened my eyes. Being a professional surfer it is essential that you are able to hold your breath, especially in big wave situations. I achieved this and so much more. I felt a greater use of my breath whilst active, felt stronger in myself and learnt to clear my mind. I have done a lot of fitness training over the years but being able to control my mind doesn't happen in these other areas.
    Whilst in the pool I felt calm and relaxed and that would carry on for the rest of the day. Then when competing that is when I felt the work I had done really pay off. In the past I have felt scattered when competing but after doing this work I was very clear minded and felt very calm but extremely switched on. In high pressure situations I felt I made very clear decisions very quickly.
    Nam is very professional to work with and is very encouraging. He made the experience really enjoyable at the same time. I recommend this type of work & Nam to anyone willing to try. I am extremely pleased with the result that I got out of it and will definitely practice it in the future.”

  • testimonial---MEGANMEGAN

    NUTRITION: "Thank you for all you have done for me over the past 12 months. I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to work with you on various areas of my life, foremost my nutrition. Because you live as an example of what you teach, I was immediately instilled with confidence and a level of excitement as I knew I had finally found what I was looking for.

    By following the genotype nutrition plan I was able to shed 10kgs. After struggling with my weight for many years I was relieved to find a balanced eating plan that worked and that I felt I could continue happily as my way of life. I was amazed at how easy the nutrition plan was to follow and how quickly I saw (& felt) the results. Knowing I could turn to you for support and encouragement at anytime made me feel secure when taking those first steps in changing my life. After returning to what I consider to be my normal weight not only do I feel the health benefits of following the plan, I have regained confidence in my appearance.

    Thank you again for always being there for me and for guiding me to a healthier and happier life."

  • testimonial---STEVE-DOVERSTEVE DOVER – CEO, National Mortgage Company

    CORPORATE TRAINING: “Your inspirational presence across different areas of our company has really helped define the great culture we are so lucky to have here. It’s always a pleasure to have you around and we all look forward to our next seminar or training session with you! Our sales team have really felt the benefits of your recent program and are visibly more focussed and self-motivated.
    You have an exceptional wealth of experience and knowledge but deliver it in such a way that staff at every level identify with you, and the fact that you both lead by example and live the life you teach really gives your programs such credibility. Our leadership team are definitely fans of the practical tools you provide for improved performance and stress management that can be applied at both a personal and professional level across the board.
    Our long-standing relationship with you has contributed to our continued success in the industry. The core values you have helped us instil here have helped all of us consistently raise our game; we are now acutely aware of the benefits of smart nutrition and personal mind/body training and its common here to hear people passing on your advice to one another.
    We would highly recommend your involvement in any business looking to get the best out of their people. Healthy staff definitely equals a healthy business for us - thank you."

  • testimonial---ANONYMOUSMATT LOW

    EPIC COURSE: "I enrolled for the EPIC course in hope of gaining some perspective on life, business relationships & balance. From having a company which has had rapid growth as well as trying to be a great dad to my kids and husband, this was something that I was really struggling with. EPIC has revived my core values which I now live by and love, I'm now focusing on who I really am rather than what other people wanted me to be and am feeling great for it!! I now control my negative (& positive) emotions and have learnt how to better my relationships with people around me. This is a great course for anyone needing a better perspective on life and balance, I can’t recommend it highly enough - Thanks Nam."

  • testimonial---ANONYMOUSBJ – CEO

    1:1 PERFORMANCE COACHING: "With owning 4 business & 20 odd staff my work life is hectic!!!! The workshops we did as a team has helped me see the potential in my team and see the critical role I play in leading them. CERTAINTY!! We all need it and WE need to give it! Thank you for helping me understand what my investors need as this helps me get prepared for all types of situations. Now that I understand emotion, I can deal with twice the pressure and I'm happy doing it! Your coaching challenges me yet gives me confidence, your fitness & nutrition advice has been invaluable. Your guidance has changed my whole being, my relationships & my anxiousness and I have learned to enjoy the moment. Yep, enjoy the moment...I feel so much more comfortable in my own skin, I can't describe the enjoyment it brings to my day and my family's day. Thank you."

  • testimonial---PAT-RAFTERPAT RAFTER, Tennis World Champion

    BREATH ENHANCEMENT TRAINNG: "The training with Nam and Devon has made me aware of my breathing and I now have so much more confidence. My cardiovascular endurance also greatly benefited."

  • testimonial---ANONYMOUSTim

    NUTRITION: "Hi Devon and Nam, Firstly I wanted say thank you for changing Ella’s and my life forever. After meeting with Nam to see if he could help Ella my partner who is struggling with rheumatoid arthritis, we have totally changed our lifestyle and for the best. Ella has been following the guided structure set by Nam and has shown great results and has already shed some weight from it also which she is very pleased with. I supported her through this process with moral support, foods and following a blood group specific food balance myself. Through this I have lost 16kilos in 12 weeks, I feel fantastic and more alive and energetic then I have ever felt before. I really can’t thank you enough for turning that little switch on in my head that has changed my life forever. Through this process many of my friends & family have seen the changes in me and all would like to come and see you both. I have passed on all your details to them all, I hope this will help repay you for what you have done for me. Look forward to talking with you again one day."