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Have you found your flow yet? If not, do not fear, we are all a work in progress and I will be sharing my second tip with you shortly.

How many of you have attempted to achieve something but stopped part way through due to lack of motivation? Very often this is due to a lack of the correct chemistry in your body, in particular a drop in the hormone dopamine. Think back to that moment, did you have a feedback system in place that consistently placed emphasis on your achievements in a manner that was bigger than just a passing thought and therefore drove you forward, ‘gave you flow’ and had you edging closer & closer to your dreams? For most the answer is no, but don’t go beating yourself up, life is a journey of learning and you can apply this next tip to your current goals & targets.


On January 3rd I wrote a peak performance post about the importance of having an outcome for the day (it helps with your focus and motivation) and acknowledging your progress towards that outcome (this creates a sense of certainty in respects to achievement and boosts your happy hormone, dopamine). Your brain absolutely thrives on the notion of progress, it is therefore essential to run this outcome-acknowledgement process on a consistent basis i.e. multiple times daily.

Your brain also has a strong need to feel safe and reflecting on your achievements no matter how big or small will contribute to a strong sense of certainty that you are moving forward & therefore safe. Once again this boosts dopamine levels, energy and drive.

Here’s how a simple feedback system works, when you intermittently reflect on your progress throughout the day by verbally (use of words) or physically (use of actions) acknowledging it, the brain gets a really great snap shot of your progress which it can latch on to so much easier than just a passing thought, this type of feedback system generates a more powerful ‘flow’ in your day. here are a few examples of acknowledgement:

Physical – marking something off a calendar or list, writing a short note of acknowledgement next to a task on your list and one of my personal favourites, adding an entry into your ‘celebration jar’. These jars are a VERY FUN and effective way to boost flow in tough times. If you are having a down moment & feeling like you are not getting anywhere, you dive into your celebration jar and relive your past achievements, imagining those moments and recreating the positive chemistry. Before you know it your confidence is back up and you are moving forward again. The picture for this post shows examples of the Celebration Jars that Team Leaders came up with in a very successful business we worked with.

Verbal – telling someone regularly where you are at in terms of completion of a task, if no ones in ear shot you can let out a great big YES or WOHOO (further enhanced by throwing your arms into the air).

The simple act of involving another person in your outcome-acknowledgment feedback system or writing short progressive points down next to your achievements on a consistent basis, has you producing higher levels of dopamine, the brain feels more ‘flow’, has the ability to stay on task and is much more inclined to move forward in the process of achievement.

Please let me know if you have any feedback about my posts this year or what you’d like to read more about in the future and I will keep them flowing.



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