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Do you feel like you’re constantly on the treadmill of life just ‘trying to be happier’? Always pinning your happiness on that next pay rise, purchase or event which never seems to really hit the spot? Or have you already found the recipe for your own fulfilment?

With just two weeks to go until the start of our ‘EPIC’ course (Emotional & Physiological Intelligence for the Community) we are really enjoying all the preparation! We absolutely love this time, because we know that each of the attendees is about to embark on one of the most rewarding journeys they will ever undertake. We get so much joy from the process of mentoring others and from sharing the knowledge and experiences we’ve had, which have become tried and tested methods for success. In all the years we have been teaching, whether we’re working with world class athletes, wealthy entrepreneurs, high flying CEOs, managers, staff, the receptionist, whoever, one thing we know for sure is that each of them is looking for more fulfilment from their daily life.

‘Fulfilment’ in emotional terms is a happy, contented feeling; a feeling where you are satisfied, or when you have enough of something, or you feel something has been completed. It is also defined as ‘the achievement of something desired, promised or predicted.’ To feel fulfilled, then, it would seem obvious that we need to understand what makes us tick, so we can create a plan to follow, which then allows us to achieve the state or feelings we desire. What many people are unaware of, however, is that certain chemicals and hormones must be present in your body in order to feel fulfilled; have you ever been doing something your normally really enjoy, or have you ever achieved a goal and felt quite numb instead of overjoyed? This could be because your chemistry is out of whack – however with the right education it’s quite easy to get back on track!

The danger of searching for fulfilment is that we can easily get caught in the trap of pinning everything on ‘the next’ thing that we want – ‘I would be so happy if I could only buy a bigger house’, ‘If only they would promote me, I would feel so much better’, ‘I will be happy when I am thinner’. All of these outcomes are achievable, and all of them could be great enhancements to your life. But none of these have a plan attached to them, they are really just wishes. And, without really knowing who we are, none of these will necessarily make us feel fulfilled if we actually get ‘there’.

In focusing on just one thing that we believe would make us a happier, better version of ourselves, we are not allowing ourselves to acknowledge anything else along the way which might also help us feel fulfilled. And by focusing on something without attaching a plan, we’re not helping or allowing ourselves to ever get there. So really, we are setting ourselves up for a lifetime of feeling like we are underachieving, and unable to control our own destiny! Doesn’t sound too great does it? But you’d be surprised how often you’re sabotaging your own daily happiness in this way.

So what’s the secret?!

The real ‘recipe’ to fulfilment is surprisingly simple. And yet without practice and due attention, it slips past many of us on a regular basis. Whilst we can expand much further into how to master each of these steps (and we certainly will in our EPIC course!), here are the basics:

1 – Become emotionally and physiologically aware
Understanding what you are feeling and why you are feeling that way is one of the most critical components of effective living. Exploring and developing our emotional and physiological intelligence not only makes us happier and healthier, it makes self-motivation achievable, enhances our ability to manage stress and resolve conflict with others, and gives us the skills to listen to, educate and ‘handle’ different people in all situations. Sounds pretty fulfilling, doesn’t it?

2 – Set some goals
Without self awareness, and without clarity around the things that actually allow you to feel your best, you will find it very hard to work out what’s going to keep you feeling fulfilled. Without knowing what you’re aiming for, you wont be able to set and consistently achieve your goals. Setting small goals (and sometimes great big hairy ones – but that’s for another post!) will give you real, tangible ways to track your progress and keep you on the right path.

3 – Celebrate progress
Keeping on a path of growth & progress, and recognising and celebrating even the smallest achievements, is one of the fastest and most effective ways of feeling fulfilled in both your professional and personal life. Your brain absolutely thrives on the notion of progress, and it also has a strong need to feel safe; reflecting on your achievements, no matter how big or small, will contribute to a strong sense of certainty that you are moving forward & therefore safe. This boosts dopamine levels, energy and drive – again, sounds like a pretty fulfilling state!

The journey to emotional and physiological intelligence is very powerful; it will expand your awareness and greatly improve your success in business and in life. I encourage you to take a step towards fulfilment, and start creating your own recipe this year.

Until next time, thanks for reading.


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