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No matter how busy your life becomes, to perform and thrive in your personal and professional roles to the best of your ability, to achieve success AND feel fulfilled by it, it’s vital to have clarity around who you are (your identity), how to fulfil your personal & professional needs and how to grow in a sustainable manner for your mind, body and soul.

Nam understands that your dedication to professional success and/or bringing up a family can be extremely demanding on your time, energy, personal resources, relationships, health and emotions! He has the knowledge, experience – and most importantly the passion – to teach you what must be put in place to either stop a downward spiral and start thriving again or to take yourself to the next level.  

Nam Baldwin is a man you can trust with your challenges & goals and has proven successes with World & Olympic champions, as well as very elite business professionals.  His 1:1 Elite Performance Coaching is a one stop shop addressing your unique mind and body challenges. Through a combination of emotional and physiological education, he will provide answers & methods you can implement immediately.

Below is a small taster of what Nam can offer. After pre-work & discussion, your coaching package will be uniquely tailored to improve your life, in the areas you wish.


  • How to be your best – defining what your best feels like and how it allows you to perform.
  • To discover who you need to be and what you need to do to be your best including the mind (thoughts & beliefs), the body (exercise, posture, nutrition, recovery) and skills (your craft).
  • Learn the signature behaviours for authentic & inspiring leadership and identify disruptive behaviours that negatively affect your productivity and compromise relationships with those around you.
  • Setting clear practices & rituals that will support sustainable progress in performing at your best.
  • Identify what is contributing to your brain fog & physical fatigue and put the most effective methods in place to boost focus, energy & enthusiasm.
  • Dealing with high stress and pressure situations.
  • Understanding how different stressors can minimise your best coming through and how to overcome them physically, mentally and emotionally.
  • Discover tools to regulate emotions and have more control over your daily achievements.
  • Enhance relationships & reduce relationship stress.
  • Increase resiliency in mind and body to manage high pressure situations effectively.
  • Rituals to gain that extra 1%.


6 hour Gold Coast Based Package 2 x 3 hour Sessions / Consecutive Days- – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Interstate & International Bookings: POA


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Nam Baldwin

Director of Peak Performance


  • Personal Excellence.
  • Emotional Intelligence.
  • Physiological Intelligence.
  • Peak Performance.
  • Stress and emotional management.
  • Kinesiology.
  • Recovery techniques.
  • Health and Well Being.
  • Exercise Science.
  • Breath Enhancement Training (BET).

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  • testimonial---JOE-WALSHJOE WALSH – PRINCIPAL, JWA Business and Wealth

    1:1 PERFORMANCE COACHING: "I'd like to thank you for the work you have done with the team and specifically me over the last 3 years. At a personal level my focus hasn't been sharper on the end game. This has come about through the personal physical training, personal mind training and personal education around nutrition. It's the holistic approach that you specialize in at a personal level that attributes to my success at a business and corporate level.
    With regard to the training program for my leadership team I have seen a significant shift in attitude, performance and interestingly competitiveness. This dynamic now flows through to each of their teams and it would be fair to say that the whole company has shifted up to a higher level. Your team workshop on general health and more specifically nutrition, exercise, the mind and goal setting increased the level of awareness and importance of these topics in the work environment.
    Your material is now commonly used in our office and the general use of the language is heard in conversations regularly. Thanks so much for entering my life and i look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship into the future."

  • tim gurnerTIM GURNER – FOUNDER, Gurner
    1:1 PERFORMANCE COACHING: "I am constantly trying to push the boundaries of what my body and mind can deal with in terms of work and performance and over the past few years I have pushed it too far on a few occasions.  I met Nam over 4 years ago now and he has become an absolute essential part of my armour and support in every aspect of my personal development, health, success and life’

    ‘Nam’s ability to strip back all the confusion and stress of life and simplify what you need to do to fix serious life issues is unparalleled and something I am forever grateful for.  I have had many many occasions where i have had to call on his help and support and within hours sometimes and definitely within a few days I am back on track taking on the world again’.

    I sat down with Nam in early 2017 and told him that I had to prepare for my version of the Olympics, which was going to be a year of hell, stress and immense pressure.  We did some mental training and testing, planned out nutrition, supplementation and training and also looked at small simple things to do through out the day to get me through the hardest year of my life.  Not only did I come out of it kicking I came out stronger than ever and with a renewed energy to investigate more and more what Nam can bring to my life as I constantly look to better myself and my business."

  • testimonial---ANONYMOUSBJ – CEO

    1:1 PERFORMANCE COACHING: "With owning 4 business & 20 odd staff my work life is hectic!!!! The workshops we did as a team has helped me see the potential in my team and see the critical role I play in leading them. CERTAINTY!! We all need it and WE need to give it! Thank you for helping me understand what my investors need as this helps me get prepared for all types of situations. Now that I understand emotion, I can deal with twice the pressure and I'm happy doing it! Your coaching challenges me yet gives me confidence, your fitness & nutrition advice has been invaluable. Your guidance has changed my whole being, my relationships & my anxiousness and I have learned to enjoy the moment. Yep, enjoy the moment...I feel so much more comfortable in my own skin, I can't describe the enjoyment it brings to my day and my family's day. Thank you."