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Whether you’re looking for the edge in the surf, as an athlete, to deal with pressure or simply to improve your general health and well being, Breath Enhancement Training (B.E.T) will show you how to use the breath effectively, enhancing both your physical and mental capabilities.

BET is a very beneficial form of physical and mental conditioning. It is a great supplement to any other forms of training you are doing and will dramatically improve your ability to handle challenges and perform better under pressure.

Whether you experience stress physically as an athlete or surfer, or mentally at work or in the home, the first thing that affected is actually your BREATHING!  Breathing and oxygen form the ‘foundation’ for your mental and physical performance.  Approximately 90% of your energy comes from use of oxygen whilst the other 10% from food and water, so when either the breath or oxygen levels are compromised, our systems are not able to operate as effectively and we do not perform at our potential.

We are not taught much about breathing or our respiratory and nervous systems at a young age and there are studies that suggest you may unknowingly be losing 9 – 27% of your lung capacity every decade by not breathing correctly and keeping specific muscles active and strong.  We can change that!

Breath Enhancement Training can be likened to a good gym workout for your respiratory system and mind, you are guaranteed to benefit immensely. B.E.T  also places great emphasis on recovery techniques ‘during’ and after every training session. The best athletes know that recovery is a crucial component in maintaining high quality training sessions and performing at their best in competition whilst a highly successful business person sooner or later realises that they need the ability to ‘switch off’ from their work if they are to remain motivated and find their efforts fulfilling in the bigger picture.

An interesting realisation during B.E.T is of the mind and its capabilities. Whilst your physical body will peak at some point in your life, your mental abilities can be enhanced throughout life allowing you to break down personal limitations and calm your ‘mental chatter’.

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Nam Baldwin

Director of Peak Performance


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  • testimonial---MICK-FANNINGMICK FANNING, 2013, 2009 & 2007 World Surfing Champion

    A life changing experience

    BREATH ENHANCEMENT TRAINING: “Doing the Breath Enhancement Training really opened my eyes. Being a professional surfer it is essential that you are able to hold your breath, especially in big wave situations. I achieved this and so much more. I felt a greater use of my breath whilst active, felt stronger in myself and learnt to clear my mind. I have done a lot of fitness training over the years but being able to control my mind doesn't happen in these other areas.
    Whilst in the pool I felt calm and relaxed and that would carry on for the rest of the day. Then when competing that is when I felt the work I had done really pay off. In the past I have felt scattered when competing but after doing this work I was very clear minded and felt very calm but extremely switched on. In high pressure situations I felt I made very clear decisions very quickly.
    Nam is very professional to work with and is very encouraging. He made the experience really enjoyable at the same time. I recommend this type of work & Nam to anyone willing to try. I am extremely pleased with the result that I got out of it and will definitely practice it in the future.”

  • testimonial---PAT-RAFTERPAT RAFTER, Tennis World Champion

    BREATH ENHANCEMENT TRAINNG: "The training with Nam and Devon has made me aware of my breathing and I now have so much more confidence. My cardiovascular endurance also greatly benefited."