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Empower leaders; provide highly applicable staff education; improve productivity; effectively manage stress; improve resiliency and ensure your people are operating at their peak; evolve your culture to one which is positive and engaging.

For a group of professionals to collectively perform, the cohesive force that binds them together – the business culture – needs to be well developed. By consistently investing in the development of your people your culture will blossom, and as we all know – better people will make better business. A business with a great culture will not only achieve better results, but will be seen as a rewarding, attractive place to work, with reduced sick days, better staff retention and more engagement.


All of our programs have an underlying tone of peak performance and bringing out the best in people and teams. We do this by tapping into the science and logic behind peak performance, focusing on both emotional AND physiological aspects, respecting the great intelligence bestowed in our minds and bodies. This education allows individuals to take greater responsibility for their own performance, therefore building better character, stronger values and the ability to perform at their best along side others. Engagement and mutual understanding of peak performance, especially amongst leadership teams, will develop a much stronger team ethic and a more productive, positive culture across the board.


We believe in the alignment of mind and body for optimum performance in all fields. Vital to any organisation’s productivity, and highly relevant to employees at all levels, mastering the mind or Emotional Intelligence is having the ability to identify, assess and regulate the emotions of one’s self, whilst positively influencing others. Physiological Intelligence is the understanding of one’s own body, including the ability to listen to & reposed to its needs. Learning how to combine and manage both creates a highly driven, effective & positive workforce.

We divide the essentials of Corporate Training into four key focus areas. We have developed a multi-level program for each area, covering each important element in a succinct yet in-depth way:

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CT_-_leadership_development CT_-_staff_development


Nam Baldwin

Director of Peak Performance


Nam Baldwin is a world class leader in the field of leadership development and company culture. He researches, writes and personally delivers each session under the Corporate Training program, which is in high demand across Australia, so early booking is essential. With over 20 years experience in the health, fitness & wellbeing industries worldwide, Nam is a highly qualified specialist in emotional and physiological intelligence & peak performance, and has developed multiple programs exploring success under extreme pressure in both the emotional and physical realms. He is a life, health and peak performance coach, a powerful corporate trainer, and a hugely popular inspirational speaker.



  • testimonial---SURFING-AUSTRALIAANDREW STARK – CEO Surfing, Australia

    CORPORATE TRAINING: “Nam is an inspirational speaker and presenter who delivers professional and personal development through real life experiences to his audience. Nam is highly respected and is seen as a truly talented communicator who challenges people to perform better in all areas of their life."

  • testimonial---STEVE-DOVERSTEVE DOVER – CEO, National Mortgage Company

    CORPORATE TRAINING: “Your inspirational presence across different areas of our company has really helped define the great culture we are so lucky to have here. It’s always a pleasure to have you around and we all look forward to our next seminar or training session with you! Our sales team have really felt the benefits of your recent program and are visibly more focussed and self-motivated.
    You have an exceptional wealth of experience and knowledge but deliver it in such a way that staff at every level identify with you, and the fact that you both lead by example and live the life you teach really gives your programs such credibility. Our leadership team are definitely fans of the practical tools you provide for improved performance and stress management that can be applied at both a personal and professional level across the board.
    Our long-standing relationship with you has contributed to our continued success in the industry. The core values you have helped us instil here have helped all of us consistently raise our game; we are now acutely aware of the benefits of smart nutrition and personal mind/body training and its common here to hear people passing on your advice to one another.
    We would highly recommend your involvement in any business looking to get the best out of their people. Healthy staff definitely equals a healthy business for us - thank you."