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Want to change how you experience life? Join us for an EPIC journey!

Emotional and Physiological Intelligence for the Community – aka EPIC – is an educational & life changing mind-body series that will equip you with the knowledge and tools to lead a more fulfilling, healthier and happier life!

In his highly engaging 2 day events, Nam Baldwin will share with you his knowledge & techniques that are normally reserved for elite business professionals & athletes, dramatically improving your ability to cope with life’s challenges, to find direction and to perform at your best – life skills you will wish you knew years ago!

This education is suitable for anyone that wants to make progress in their personal or professional life by learning what influences emotions, how to regulate them naturally, and what to do to have your body operating in its most efficient state so you remain healthy & energised.

In this day & age it is well accepted that physical exercise and eating well are two key components to improving your health, however the need to learn more about training the mind is often overlooked.  Managing your emotions (Emotional Intelligence) & their intricate relationship to the health of your body & how it functions (Physiological Intelligence) is a vital component to a healthy existence.  Understanding your emotional and physiological self is the key to achieving the balanced & fulfilling life you deserve.

Please note that this is not a course where you have to get up and talk about your emotions in front of everyone! You won’t be stuck listening to everyone else’s problems either; the course is educational and Nam is predominantly there to teach and inspire you.

At EPIC courses you will receive a comprehensive manual full of great information and tools to help you work through any challenges, we will also send information after the course to keep you progressing and motivated.  Be inspired by a teacher who walks his talk & constantly shares his own EPIC journey!



ON HOLD 2018 – PART A:


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ON HOLD 2018 – PART B:

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Starts ON HOLD 2018
2 Day Weekend Event 
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  • About your mind and body and the intelligence that links them together.
  • How to identify, assess & regulate your emotions for less anxiety and greater happiness.
  • How your mental chatter directly affects how you feel and perform.
  • How to create and mange the ideal states of mind & body for peak performance & to face challenges.
  • How to transform personal & professional relationships.
  • How to harness your personal power to remain committed, focused and successful.
  • The ‘recipes’ to find greater fulfilment and keep on a path of growth & progress.



  • About your true identity & values and how they create clarity & success in every aspect of your life.
  • To remember your purpose & reignite your drive.
  • How to build greater self confidence & presence.
  • How to face and break through your most difficult challenges
  • What your driving forces are for change and how to harness this to remain committed and successful.
  • How to combine the use of all the knowledge & tools shared in EPIC to lead yourself towards personal excellence & fulfilment with the ability to guide others successfully too.








Nam Baldwin

Director of Peak Performance





The EPIC program has been conceived and developed by Nam Baldwin, an emotional and stress management specialist, mentor and peak performance trainer. Over his career he has trained several world champions, Olympic Gold Medallists & CEOs. Nam combines this expertise with an extensive knowledge of physiology to deliver this life changing program. You will gain valuable knowledge which until now has been exclusively available to sporting champions and high flying corporates.


Many have discovered that Nam has a very unique skill in delivering his knowledge in ways that are immediately understood and can be easily incorporates into daily life. Because of this he is often referred to as the ‘Why Guy’ and when you understand why something works the way it does, you are much more motivated to take action towards change.


Nam has helped thousands of clients reach their ultimate life goals by educating them how to live a healthier, happier and sustainable lifestyle. Nam aims to deliver the best possible knowledge and education in the field of emotional & physiological intelligence, inspiring you to better yourself and achieve the success you desire.





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  • testimonial---ANONYMOUSTIM BUCKLEY

    EPIC COURSE: "Sometimes you come across moments that really change the way you look at life; this course is many of those moments, in EPIC proportions. Nam has an ability to teach and connect in a unique and extremely effective way. His authentic dedication to passing on the knowledge he has gained is invaluable. The course has improved my life in many aspects including relationships, confidence, awareness, clarity and provided me with simple tools to take forward to continue my growth and fulfilment. I feel really fortunate to have been exposed to this knowledge and I absolutely recommend this course to everyone."

  • testimonial---ANONYMOUSMATT LOW

    EPIC COURSE: "I enrolled for the EPIC course in hope of gaining some perspective on life, business relationships & balance. From having a company which has had rapid growth as well as trying to be a great dad to my kids and husband, this was something that I was really struggling with. EPIC has revived my core values which I now live by and love, I'm now focusing on who I really am rather than what other people wanted me to be and am feeling great for it!! I now control my negative (& positive) emotions and have learnt how to better my relationships with people around me. This is a great course for anyone needing a better perspective on life and balance, I can’t recommend it highly enough - Thanks Nam."