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In business, and in life, there are fundamental truths that allow visions and goals to be achieved.  Within the business environment, when we break it down, leaders and employees are being paid to keep on task and to achieve desired outcomes. Improving the ability to think & act effectively is one of the fastest ways to improve individual performance and overall business success.  Participants enjoy the opportunity to interact in these sessions as Nam uses the simple yet powerful approach of question and reflection to help identify what ‘moves’ each person forward and what ‘blocks’ them from progressing.


With expansive knowledge surrounding the intelligence of the body & mind, Nam encourages participants to think outside the performance box, not only focusing on business operations, but looking at the way they treat their own bodies and minds and how this relates to their behaviours and their overall performance.  They are developing clarity around their individual roles, team roles and what they are responsible for.  This keeps everyone accountable for their personal performance and to the overall business vision.

The Five Keys makes a tremendous difference, whether participants are already at the top of their game or working towards it; this series will ‘find the gap’ in the business, allowing for even greater success for both the individuals role and the team. Each session finishes with a plan of action with clear steps to move forward.


  • Embracing the 1st Key: IDENTITY
  • Character development, the traits & attitudes of high performers that facilitate or block progress
  • Managing your emotions & feelings and how to perform better under pressure
  • Developing a healthy & connected culture that facilitates peak performance
  • Discovering the value & wisdom in your life’s lessons
  • Your future self – who do you need to be, & what do you need to stop, to be better than today
  • Embracing the 2nd Key: VISION
  • Clarity of business vision – discussion, opinions, views so that it’s challenging but not threatening to the culture
  • Defining expectations – what’s required to follow through, is everyone on the same page
  • Visiting the vision – what regular checks need to be in place to stay connected
  • Celebrate – what needs to be in place so that everyone is included in times of celebration, creating deeper intention, connection and satisfaction along the journey.


  • Embracing the 3rd Key: CLARITY
  • Being clear on how you want to feel within yourself, towards others and when completing tasks. How to achieve these feelings & setting intention
  • Identifying ‘Signature Behaviours’ that support your identity
  • Expectations – marginal gains, ensuring progress is sustainable in life & business
  • Discovering ‘the gap’ for business growth and the responsibility of each team member
  • The 4th Key: PRODUCTIVITY
  • Planning – the big moves for progress, quality outputs that matter, timelines & what you need to stop
  • Optimising energy – timeframes to manage energy & focus, task transitions, health practices
  • Skill development and the competence-confidence loop


  • The 5th Key: COURAGE
  • Determining what will facilitate or block courageous action
  • Challenges happen, how your perception facilitates growth or sets you back
  • Mind & body necessities – so that you can act with courage
  • Summarising the 5 Keys



This series of interactive workshops can be run in numerous formats ranging from 3 x 3 hour sessions, a 1 Day Event or a more summarised 1/2 Day Format.
Pricing available upon request and includes 2 x follow-up podcasts to keep the sessions alive & actionable.



This section includes a downloadable overview of this topic (coming soon!) and Nam’s speaker profile.

Nam’s Profile



  • testimonial---SURFING-AUSTRALIAANDREW STARK – CEO Surfing, Australia

    CORPORATE TRAINING: “Nam is an inspirational speaker and presenter who delivers professional and personal development through real life experiences to his audience. Nam is highly respected and is seen as a truly talented communicator who challenges people to perform better in all areas of their life."

  • tim gurnerTIM GURNER – FOUNDER, Gurner

    CORPORATE TRAINING: "I first met Nam in Byron Bay over 4 years ago at a group event. I was instantly impressed with his passion and enthusiasm for bringing out the best of people and businesses without all the fuss and nonsense you sometimes otherwise get.

    Within a few weeks I was doing monthly personal sessions with Nam targeted at physical, mental and emotional health and stability and training and nutrition.  When Nam gave me things to do they were things that were things that ‘would fix me within weeks’ as he would always say and not long shot wishes and he was always right as they always did have a significant impact.

    Nam has helped me through some of the toughest challenges my business has ever had and kept me sane, strong and enthusiastic when most people thought I would throw in the towel.  He was always by my side just sending the odd text message or call to ‘check in’ to see how I was and its those small points that make all the difference just to keep you on track and on plan.

    I have since also had Nam heavily involved in my business with multiple sessions with my staff.  My team are young and very enthusiastic but need discipline and structure and tricks to help them deal with stress.  Nam was able to come in and make them all feel so connected together and also with him and every single time we have had him as part of our team for a day the next few weeks are always our most efficient.  My team could not be more positive and responsive to Nam and although we have tried other facilitators and coaches no one has ever connected with our team like Nam has.

    Nam is a true gentleman, professional, personable with all different types from A Type personalities to the quietest people in the office, motivational, persuasive, without question the best in the business and he just makes me want to be a better person every day."

  • testimonial---STEVE-DOVERSTEVE DOVER – CEO, National Mortgage Company

    CORPORATE TRAINING: “Your inspirational presence across different areas of our company has really helped define the great culture we are so lucky to have here. It’s always a pleasure to have you around and we all look forward to our next seminar or training session with you! Our sales team have really felt the benefits of your recent program and are visibly more focussed and self-motivated.
    You have an exceptional wealth of experience and knowledge but deliver it in such a way that staff at every level identify with you, and the fact that you both lead by example and live the life you teach really gives your programs such credibility. Our leadership team are definitely fans of the practical tools you provide for improved performance and stress management that can be applied at both a personal and professional level across the board.
    Our long-standing relationship with you has contributed to our continued success in the industry. The core values you have helped us instil here have helped all of us consistently raise our game; we are now acutely aware of the benefits of smart nutrition and personal mind/body training and its common here to hear people passing on your advice to one another.
    We would highly recommend your involvement in any business looking to get the best out of their people. Healthy staff definitely equals a healthy business for us - thank you."